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The Beautiful Warli Art

The Beautiful Warli Art

Warli Art

India is a country rich with numerous art forms like painting, sculpture, pottery, textile art etc. One among these is a tradition of Warli Art. This beautiful art form date backs to 3000BC and has sustained its rich artistic value till date. Initially these paintings were drawn only on the walls of the hut as a tradition and ritual, but now can be seen on various bases like cloths, jewels, pots etc.



The Warli tribe is one of the largest tribes in India located in the coastal region of Maharashtra and Gujarat. They speak Warli language which is a blend of several Indian languages. Farming is their main source of living. Their life is centered on the concept of Mother Nature and they have preserved their customs and traditions with great respect and value towards the wildlife.



Warli Paintings

The ritualistic Warli art was drawn on the walls of the huts using the mixture of rice floor paste and gum (for binding). A bamboo stick chewed at the end was used as the brush. The art is characterized by the geometrical symbols like circle, square and triangle. The circle indicates sun and the moon. The square represents sacred precinct or a piece of land and the triangle refers to mountains and pointed trees.

The central motif in each ritual painting is the square known as the “Chauk” or Chaukat. The Warli art was drawn mostly to express the celebrations and the special occasions like marriages and festivals.

Tarpa dance can be seen as the central theme of many Warli paintings. Tarpa is a trumpet like instrument played by the village men and the people of the village dance around him in tune with the notes he plays.



Versatility of Warli Art

From being a ritualistic painting on the walls of the hut, the Warli painting has travelled a long way to be seen on various materials like garments, metals, pots etc.

Warli art on jewelry:

Jewelries with variety of Warli paintings have become popular across the country. Many popular brands in this space are contributing to carry forward this art form. Earrings, necklaces and chains, bangles have been prettified with the Warli art and are becoming a trend too.

Source Indiamart  Soosi


Warli art on Fabric:

Warli art is designed even on various fabric based products like dresses, sarees, bags, pouches, pillows, facemasks etc. Warli art expressing various themes like marriage, processions, nature can be seen on jute silk, cotton silk, Kerala silk sarees etc.

Source Pencraft  Redbubble Ajio


Warli art on trays & pots:

Glimpse of the Warli art form drawn on trays and pots; be it is terracotta, metal or wooden.

Source Geetanjaliboutique  Pinterest


Warli art on Home Décor:

Home décor is not an exception in the world of Warli art. Variety of home décor items like wooden vase, key holder, wall paintings and many more are delineated beautifully with Warli art forms.


 Source DecorMoods

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